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The Notary performs all notarial actions in compliance with the Law of Ukraine «About Notary» and provides oral and written consultations with respect to:
of property
  • Certification of sales contracts for immovable property
  • Certification of pledge agreements and mortgage contracts
  • Certification of contracts of cars alienation (donation, purchase and sale)
  • Certification of rent contracts
  • Certification of money loan contracts
  • Certification of contracts of life maintenance
  • Certification of gift contracts
  • Certification of lease contracts for moving and immovable property
  • Certification of other cantracts
of Domestic
Relations Contracts
  • Certification of alimony contracts
  • Certification of marriage contracts
  • Certification of contracts for alienation by one of the spouse to the benefit of the other of his/her share in the joint property
  • Certification of contracts for maintenance one of spouse
  • Certification of contracts on termination of rights for child's alimony due to transfer of property ownership (houses, apartments, land etc.)
  • Certification of contracts on establishing the size of the parts both in jointly acquired property, and in joint ownership
  • Certification of sharing contracts of property which is subject matter of a right of marital partners joint property
of completion
of succession rights
  • Certification of contracts of succession
  • Certification of contracts for division of inherited property
  • Measures for the protection of inherited property
  • Issuing the certificates of heirship
  • Description of the property of an individual recognized as missing or whose location is not defined
  • Issuing of property right certificate a part in joint ownership for one spouse I the event of death of the other one
  • Issuing certificate to executor of the will
  • Certification of covenant
  • Certification of the fact that the legal or physical person is the executor of the will
Certification of
of power of attorney
Drawing up of
an application,
certification of facts
  • Certification of the fact that physical person is in a particular place
  • Certification of the fact that the physical person is alive
  • Certification of fidelity of copies of documents
  • Applications transfer of physical and legal persons to other physical and legal persons
  • Certification of time since the submission of documents
  • Issuance of duplicates of notarial documents
Execution of other
notarial actions
  • Acceptance of cash and securities in deposit
  • Imposition and removal of a prohibition on alienation of real property (property rights for real estate) and vehicles subject to state registration
  • Testimony of buying property at public auctions
  • Performance of executive notes
  • Execution of marine protest
  • Execution of protest of bill
  • Acceptance of documents for preservation
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registration of legal
entities in Ukraine
and abroad
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real estate agencies and
private realtors
Certification of fidelity
of translation from English
and German languages
Servicing of
corporate clients
such as LTD, PJSC
Servicing of
privileged category
of citizens
Providing information
in the form of extraction
from the Unified state register of proprietary rights on real estate
in questions about executing notarial acts
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Private notary Borodina Olga Vasilevna
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Olga Budko
Question: Why should I obligatory have my husband's consent if I want to sell an apartment? We bought this apartment while being married but it is registered under my name.

Answer: According to the Articles 60-65 of Domestic Relations Code of Ukraine property (including money) acquired by spouses during marriage is their joint property; possession, use and disposal of such property by one of the spouses is done subject to consent of the other one. If an apartment is purchased (bought) by you and your husband during marriage (whether it is registered under your name or your husband's name) it is an object of joint ownership and therefore you need your husband's consent to dispose it.
Oleksiy, entrepreneur
Question: My mother died and after her death inheritance opened. When addressing to a notary for submission of documents do I need to commit an expert evaluation of property inherited?

Answer: By virtue of the law of Ukraine “On Amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine with respect to some succession issues” no.1709-18 property valuation valuation (houses, apartments, land etc.) in case of inheritance by heirs of the first and the second turn(in the event of inheritance by will or by law) as well as the right of representation in case of inheritance where the cost is taxed at zero rate. It means that if you are an heir of the first or second turn (parents, children, husband, wife, siblings, grandmother, grandfather of the dead) or an heir heir by the right of representation (within the article 1266 of Civil Code of Ukraine) expert evaluation of property inherited for probate is not required.
Olga Ivanivna, teacher
Question: For summer holidays I and my child are going to go for vacation abroad. What do I need to go with a child without a father?

Answer: In order to have an opportunity to travel with a child without a parent's presence at border posts you must present a father's statement permitting a child to go abroad. To complete a father's statement allowing a child to go abroad a father needs to come with his passport and a child's birth certificate and present a relevant statement where the authenticity of the signature will be certified by a notary. A statement is issued on a certain form and there you may also insert a person who is not one of the parents.
Yevgen Semenovich, a pensioner
Question: In 1994 I privatized an apartment where I currently live and due to illness I require permanent care. How can I make an agreement with my neighbor so she look after me in exchange for an apartment.

Answer: In this case it is necessary to contact a notary or order a home visit of the notary because of inability to appear in person due to illness for conclusion of life estate contract. Under the terms of this contract a person taking care after you will gain ownership right for this apartment and you will thoroughly lay out conditions for care to avoid misunderstanding between you in the future.
Tetyana Volodimirivna, a pharmacist
Question: I want to by an apartment which I found by advertisement at attractive price. The owner of this apartment offered to execute a power of attorney with a right to dispose this apartment and provide a money receipt. Should I agree to this deal?

Answer: All real estate deals are to be concluded in the written form with mandatory notarization. In this case it is necessary to contact a notary and enter purchase and sell agreement. Paying attention to the fact that a power of attorney can be revoked by a person who gave it at any time under the terms dictated by the owner I do not recommend you to give consent to this deal.
Volodimir, driver
Question: In 2012 I bought an apartment and today I am going to sell it but I can't find the sales contract. What should I do in this situation?

Answer: To solve this matter you need to receive a duplicate of the sales contract instead of the lost one. With this respect you need to address to a notary who certified a purchase and sell contract.
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